Smartboards and Smartboard Installation

Interactive whiteboards have brought a new level of interest, attention and collaboration into classrooms and meeting rooms around the world.

These boards mate a projection system with a whiteboard so that users can interact with projected software, writing, drawing, solving math problems, clicking through websites with a stylus in hand while others look on or participate.

They are particularly popular in elementary and high schools, bringing teachers and students to their feet interacting with the computer or the Internet in ways that are just not possible with other technologies.

A great deal of research supports this trend: students of all ages learn best when their sensory systems are more actively engaged.

New England based ADTECH Systems provides smart boards and smartboard installation from offices in Boston, MA, Manchester, CT, Warwick, RI and Rochester, NH

Not only is Smartboard use in the classroom empirically sound, but it’s very popular with students. Nearly everyone enjoys interacting with smart boards and teachers find it can enhance collaboration and group learning.

Advanced Interactive Boards

ADTECH Systems has been very active in bringing smartboard technology into New England, particularly advanced smart boards built by more innovative manufacturers. We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose and implement the interactive whiteboard best for your application.

Of special interest today are the Eno interactive whiteboard, introduced in 2009, and the Epson BrightLink interactive system, introduced in 2010.

The Eno board uses a very durable steel and ceramic whiteboard from PolyVision, in conjunction with an electronic Bluetooth-based stylus read by a receiver on your classroom computer.

Since the board itself has no electronics built in, it is less expensive than similar products, more durable, and far easier to install. You can use it with any popular projection system, although for the best results you want one of the new projectors with an ultra-wide lens, mounted on the wall directly above the board.

Epson recently introduced an ultra-wide projector with smartboard electronics built in, used with a similar wireless stylus and any whiteboard you choose. It’s an outstanding choice for classrooms already equipped with a standard dry-erase board.

Both systems work with virtually all educational software and online instructional material. They provide a great way to bring the advantages of interactive smart boards into your school.

Smartboard Installation

ADTECH Systems regularly installs interactive whiteboards into our clients’ classrooms.

Contact us today for a recommendation, or add us to your bid list.

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